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4 the project based organisation an

As a small business owner, you either have or will soon develop an organizational model for your business. Two broad categories of organizational models include project based and non-project based.


In project-based organizations, the organizational model is developed around completing projects. In non-project-based organizations, something other than project completion drives the organization.

For example, many project-based organizations have project managers that run teams of employees. These employees are often from different departments and have different job titles, but all are needed to get the project done. Typically, there are many teams operating at once, but they have no need to interact with each other because each team is focused on completing its project.

4 the project based organisation an

Non-Project-Based Structure Non-project-based organizational structure is an umbrella category that includes all organizational structures that are not designed around projects. One of the most common types of non-project based organizational structure is the functional model. In this model, a manager or owner oversees several different department heads, each of whom runs one department in which a specific function is performed.

For example, a business may include separate departments for manufacturing, accounting, marketing, and human resources. Because the organization is based around functions, not projects, this business is a non-project-based organization.

Hybrids Many companies implement organizational structures that are a hybrid of project-based and non-project-based organizations. In some businesses, for example, the entire corporation is run using a functional model, but individual departments implement a project-based model.

According to the article, "Creating Project-Based Organizations to Deliver Value," the project-based organizational model is becoming more popular among businesses. For this reason, some businesses may be trying a partially project-based model for the first time.

Types of Businesses Some businesses are naturally project-based. For example, the work that comes to construction workers and graphic designers tends to be in the form of projects, so the project-based organizational design is the most applicable design for them.

Other businesses that are not naturally project-based, such as insurance companies or finance firms, may take the functional approach, or they may divide their work into projects and apply the project-based organizational model.The project-based organizations (PBOs) are defined as organizational forms that are necessary in the making temporary systems for the project’s performance.

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This paper examines the effectiveness of producing so-called CoPS (i.e., complex high value products, systems, networks, capital goods, and constructs) in a project-based organisation (PBO), as compared with a more traditional functional matrix organisation.

4 the project based organisation an

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