Benchmarking nike

By Jeremiah Strider Updated October 10, — 1: UA are three of the largest retailers in the competitive athletic apparel industry. It also yields a dividend of around 1.

Benchmarking nike

Competitive Advantage of Companies Industry Overview From the mid-'80's to the early '90's, the athletic shoe industry experienced impressive growth. The widely-segmented athletic shoe industry is spearheaded by companies such as Nike, Adidas, and Reebok.

The triad of major sports shoe industry has dominated the industry for the last two decades. However, Nike leads the industry, and has single-handedly overwhelmed both Adidas and Reebok. Nike has been successful in maintaining its position above all other athletic shoe companies.

Whereas Adidas and Reebok has been finding a myriad of alternative ways to dethrone Nike for athletic shoe dominance. Benchmarking nike results into a plethora of possibilities and ramifications in the athletic shoe industry. An athletic shoe company owes its success to its competitive advantage.

A company's competitive advantage is the very core of its existence as a company. Nike Nike's competitive advantage aims to mitigate matters like global competitive similarity and potential new market barriers to penetrate.

Benchmarking nike

Nike faces a plethora of competitors from United States to Europe. Emerging markets like Asia is one of Nike's potential target markets. Adidas and other companies have attempted to subdue Nike by manufacturing shoes which carry unique fashion twists.

Benchmarking nike

This threatens Nike's market share and its potential target markets. With this in mind, Nike's market share and potential target markets are not secured.

The global market for athletic shoe industries always make room for a myriad of opportunities, which competitors will exploit in order to dominate the athletic shoe industry. Nike copes with such threats by employing its own competitive advantage.

Nike's research and development coupled with its massive advertising is the company's primary competitive advantage. Nike's knack for charismatic marketing and massive advertising bolsters its sales.

Competitive Advantage of Companies

Nike owes its annual increase in revenues to its advertising. Nike's advertising arsenal is augmented by larger than life celebrity athlete endorsers, which entice consumers in patronizing Nike products; Nike ensures that their endorsers like Lebron James and Tiger Woods is given manic exposure in order for their products to be promoted.

Consumers buy Nike not because of the brand alone, but due to the notion that their celebrity athlete idols are wearing Nike. Another competitive advantage of Nike is its technology. Nike's research and development division ensures that every Nike product is augmented by its innovative technology, which complements the performance of an individual.

Even though Nike commands a high price for its products compared to its competitors; its technology is its claim to fame, which is why consumers don't mind a high price for a high quality footwear like Nike. Nike does not compromise its quality standards for a price. Its benchmarking is another competitive advantage of the company Bogoslaw, Even though Adidas is the pioneer of the athletic shoe industry, it never stops the progress of the promotion of its products.

The proliferation of the Adidas brand is augmented through the use of a massive mobile marketing campaign.BMC’s January Conversation* about competing with Amazon is a great discussion. It made me stop and think about exactly what features Amazon – and Google – offer and how they appeal to shoppers.

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The outcome of this campaign really does speak for itself as Nike is by far the largest sporting brand in the world and has been for quite some time. Nike direct to consumer sales began in with Portland’s Niketown, and, as technology has changed the ways consumers and brands interact within the retail landscape, Nike has emphasized and grown its DTC channel.

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