Essay about internet and students

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Essay about internet and students

It is already limited in terms of restricting students from being able to view websites that promote a conservative point of view, and it is restricted from access to websites on illegal activities. Many colleges have also banned any form of sharing or torrent website, but should Internet be limited even further.

Students should be given the leftist liberal viewpoint and no other. If students are able to go online and see a right-wing opinion, then they may start believing that being right-wing is the best.

They may start to think that things such as homelessness matter more than equality. Feelings are not the most important thing on the planet, and students need to understand this, which they may not if they see right-wing material. It is better that students only see leftist websites with no access at all to anything on the right wing, otherwise students may start voting republican instead of democrat.

Students are already restricted to mostly leftist reading and research material, but this should be stretched further to ensure no right-wing or middle-political website is available at all. This may also include restrictions on certain social media platforms. After all, students are adults, and adult reproductive acts are common with students.

I do not feel that it is so terrible that students see adult content via student Internet services. Obviously, a student should be restricted from viewing such material in classroom unless he or she is working on a project that involves adult material.

It restricts the rights of a student if he or she is unable to watch adult material. Plus, people may become a little odd if they are not exposed to any sort of adult material, and they may be surprised when they see the real thing.

Latimes, Conclusion The Internet is already restricted in college campuses. Colleges already have restrictions on their Internet services so that students cannot access certain websites. Some of these restrictions come from pressure from publishers who do not want students downloading copyrighted material via college Internet systems.

Most restrictions come from the need to restrict what a college student reads and sees in terms of their political ideology. My essay also proved that students should be allowed to view adult material because they are adults and it is part of their rights of freedom of expression.

Role of Internet in Students Life | | Academic Room

My essay also showed that current restrictions on criminally motivated websites should probably stay in place because there is no need for students to learn about criminal activity, and some websites may offer dangerous advice on how to become a criminal, and that should be avoided too.

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Essay about internet and students
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