Hasan mahmud thesis

The results show that the interaction behavior of triple transitional round fountains, over the ranges of Re and Fr studied, is dominated by the bobbing and flapping motions, and is either steady, or unsteady weakly multi-modal, or unsteady strongly multi-modal.

Hasan mahmud thesis

Crush fresh stem and apply juice over the affected. Decoction of the stem as wash, or crush stem, soak in oil for 12 hours and apply oil extract on affected areas. Decoction of stem used as vulnerary for itches, ordinary and cancerous wounds. Cut gms of the vine in small pieces, mix with 3 ounces of coconut oil.

Place in bottle and "cook" under the sun for days. Also, stems are dried, thinly sliced, decocted, then drank. Also, used for treatment of malaria. New applications - Being studied for it possible stimulant effect on the immune system. Anecdotal benefits for a variety of HIV-related complaints.

Remove the stems then add half a glass of grated white candle wax. When the wax is melted, pour into clean bottle and label. Use the ointment over the whole body, save the face area, for three consecutive nights.

Caution Should not be used by pregnant women. Some caution use by patients with cardiac disorders. A study in the Indira Ghandi Medical College showed it effective in relieving symptoms of hay fever or allergic rhinitis.

The study used the supplement Tinofend mg three times a day.

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Makabuhay in the Treatment of Scabies: The study established the acaricidal property of Tinospora rumphii. A concomitant antimicrobial action could not be ruled out.

Study yielded cleordane type furanoid diterpenes: Study yielded two new diterpenes 1 and 2 from the leaves of Tinospora rumphii, along with known compounds tinotufolin D and vitexilactone.

Study on Sprague-Dawley rats investigated the effect of T rumphii on the activity of 3-B-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase activity in the ovary.

Study on the extract of Tinospora cordifolia roots for 6 weeks resulted in a significant reduction of blood and urine glucose and lipids in serum and tissues in alloxan diabetic rats.

Hasan mahmud thesis

Study on chloroform extract of air-dried leaves yielded a new clerodane diterpene, B2, and known diterpenes B1, tinotufolin D B5 and vitexilactone B3. B2 was found to have antifungal activity against Aspergillus niger and T. Study of aqueous extract on alloxan-diabetic rats showed significant reduction of blood glucose and higher levels of serum insulin levels.

Results suggest the hypoglycemic effect is associated with increased insulin secretion. Study of dry powder capsule of Tinospora crispa in healthy and type 2 diabetic patients showed no effect on serum glucose and insulin levels. The result was inconsistent with other studies in animal model and metabolic syndrome subjects.

Study investigated an aqueous and methanol extract on Tumor Necrosis Factor induced inflammation on Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial cells in vitro.

Results of chronic toxicity study of ethanolic extract showed hepatic and renal toxicity potential in rats.

Results suggest prolonged use of high doses of T. Various extracts showed very significant cytotoxicity on brine shrimp lethality bioassay. Strong antioxidant activity was seen on DPPH assay.

A chloroform soluble fraction of the methanolic extract showed significant activity against tested organisms on antimicrobial screening. Study isolated the hypoglycemic actions of borapetoside C isolated from T.

Results showed borapetoside C can increase glucose utilization, delay the development of insulin resistance and enhance insulin sensitivity. Study investigated the effect of T. Extract also showed strong antioxidative properties and markedly reduced atheroslcerotic lesion formation.

Results suggest a potential for incorporation of T. Study evaluated the effect of an ethanolic extract of dried stems of T.

Results showed a significant increase in the activity of liver enzymes. The in vivo study establishes the extract contains hepatotoxins and suggests reliance on data from in vitro methodologies may lead to erroneous conclusions.Nazmul Hasan Mahmud, North South University, School of Business, Graduate Student.

Studies Marketing, International Business, and Pharmaceutical Technology. Completed post graduation on Pharmacy and then Master of Business Administration. By. My Special thanks go to Dr. Hasan Mahmud, Honorable State Minister, Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of the Republic of Bangladesh for his cooperation and support of my research work.

I wish to express my heartfelt thanks Mr.

Dr. Hasan Mahmud Reza

Michael Jungmeier who organize an excellent series of research sessions and delivered thesis . Type of content:Thesis Year of Publication: Language: English Author: Hasan Mahmud Subject: English Publisher: East West University Type of content:Dissertation Year of Publication: Language: English Book view| Paged image view | Download: A Golden Age Report No.: CD Hasan Mahmud of James Cook University, Townsville with expertise in: Mechanical Engineering.

Read 17 publications, and contact Hasan Mahmud on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists. Professor Hasan Mahmud Reza, PhD Chairman Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences North South University (NSU), Bangladesh Thesis Title: The role of Pax6 and L-Maf in lens development.

Hasan Mahmud Reza, Md . Thesis Title: A study on articulatory feature extraction for robust speech recognition.

Hasan mahmud thesis

Thesis Supervisor: Professor Tsuneo Foyzul Hasan, Khaled Mahmud and Mohammad Nurul Huda, “ Local feature based Gender Independent Bangla ASR,” International Journal of Advanced Research in Artificial Intelligence(IJARAI), Vol No.

1, .

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