Imperialism conclusion essay

Imperialism Uploaded by Noodlez on Feb 21, Imperialism is the total domination of the political, economical, or cultural aspects or a nation. Imperial colonization has been occurring sense the beginning of time.

Imperialism conclusion essay

Italy, France, Great Britain, United States and Germany started to feel the pressure being exerted on them by each other and realized Imperialism conclusion essay in order to stay on top and remain the a western power they must stretch their boundaries across seas.

During this time period imperialism was a common theme amongst the populations of the western nations and many very influential people wrote and preached the need Imperialism conclusion essay expanding their particular countries influence.

There were three reoccurring explanations given by people in favor of expansion: The rapid increase in population in Europe and the industrial revolution started causing an overcrowding in cities and serious need for jobs in order to maintain order throughout the different countries.

Many countries held the belief that if a population increase was to continue at its current pace, then sometime in the near future individual countries could no longer support itself and provide jobs for the majority of the population. The United States felt the need for expansion because of the massive flow of immigrants into a recently developed nation and was not prepared for such a dramatic increase in the overall population.

A common view was that the foreign territories could provide a vast new amount of natural resources as well as new agriculture.

Also, once colonized, the new territories would provided a new region to sell its goods from the homeland and at the same time export more goods throughout Europe and North America.

Because of the tariff barriers that most of the powers had, there was little room for exports. Both demand for labor and scope for capital investment depend on the foreign market. With the increase in employment in the western world, people started a demand for new goods.

It was clear that the customary thought of the western powers was that there was no escaping the need for new territories in order to export and import more goods.

The people all knew that in order to gain these new territories and to insure and better economic future that there would be a cost. There would have to be a significant amount of money used by the government in order to send and army over to the new lands. Once the army was to arrive it was evident that there would be some sort of fighting and with war comes loss of lives.

Because of, at times, the intense rivalry between the western powers all the nations felt the need for expansion in order to remain not only a military power but an economic power. In a German used this way of thinking to try and urge his fellow country men to move on expand as a western power: This is at the same time the only way which guarantees the existence and growth of the national well-being, the necessary foundation for a lasting development of power.

To many the British Empire was a prime example of imperialism.

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By gaining so much territory during the initial wave of imperialism, England had an enormous economic advantage as well as military advantage with naval ports located all over the globe.

Countries like Germany, Italy, and France came to the conclusion that they too could have such power and cultural strength because in many cases there armies were exponentially bigger than that of England.

Possibly one of the most interesting explanations for imperialism, as we look back on it today, is the idea that these colonies needed to be influenced by the different powerful nations. The opinion that the natives of the different land required the help of western control in order to become more civilized people.

Imperialism conclusion essay

In one instance, John G. Paton urges the British to gain possession of the island of New Herbides before the French.

Paton goes on to say: It was popular belief that to those countries that had civil war occurring were in need and virtually calling out for help from the various nations to establish peace even if it means colonizing them.

One of the most important reasons that much of Europe wanted to colonize foreign territories was to spread and educate the natives about Christianity. European powers did recognize the natives current religions and their ethnocentric views lead them to believe that the inhabitants of the different lands across the world were not only in need but asking for European interaction in the altering of their cultures.

The belief that foreign lands required the assistance of the western powers in order to become amore civilized and developed nation eventually became a major factor that influenced imperialism from the end of the 19th century and into the early 20th century.

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During the brief but very effective period in which Germany, Italy, France, United States, and Great Britain all strengthened their empires and it helped to alter the world. Because of the fierce competition for new territories between these western powers a new attitude was formed that ultimately led to a scramble for new unclaimed land.

The western nations felt the intense pressure to expand and believed that they needed more land and resources in order to support the growing population.American Imperialism essay May 11, Posted by essay-writer in Free essays For many decades already there are disputes as for justification of imperialism inAmerica.

Imperialism Essay Examples. total results. The Ties Between Progressivism and Imperialism. words. 1 page. The Role of Germany in Starting the First Great War. An Introduction to the Essay on the Topic of Anti-Imperialism in Europe. words. 1 page.

Imperialism Essay Examples. total results. The Ties Between Progressivism and Imperialism. words. 1 page. The Role of Germany in Starting the First Great War. An Introduction to the Essay on the Topic of Anti-Imperialism in Europe. words. 1 page. A History of China's and Japan's Imperialism. words. 1 page. Imperialism Essay Imperialism was a very effective form of empowerment over weaker nations for early Britain and other European countries. They dominated and fought over whole continents and countries, arguing over who had conquered more land. There were many reasons why the European’s wanted to imperialize unindustrialized nations such . Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. Published: Mon, 5 Dec The effects of imperialism have been subject of debate.

A History of China's and Japan's Imperialism. words. 1 page. Apr 16,  · Imperialism Essay  Both the Canada, Australia, and New Zealand area as well as the Muslim World countries were impacted by imperialism in the later s and early s However, imperialism has affected both regions in different ways in their political, economic, and social aspects.

Conclusion: The Legacy of Imperialism To draw conclusions about imperialism it is valuable to look back at various historical case studies. That’s why we learned about the British Raj in India, the Opium Wars in China, and several cases in . European Imperialism Essay Imperialism: Europe’s Quest to Conquer the World Imperialism: the establishment of a policy extending control or authority over foreign entities in a political, cultural, and economic way as a means of acquisition and/or maintenance of empires.

Imperialism Essay - Imperialism Whether for economic, nationalist, or humanitarian reasons, more powerful nations have often interfered with the affairs of weaker nations. These more powerful nations, including the United States, Britain, and several European countries, have in the past exploited less fortunate ones for resources, capital, and knowledge.

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