Norwegian bomb and shooting massacre report

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionAdrian Pracon says he played dead to try to avoid the gunman on Utoeya At least 85 people died when a gunman opened fire at an island youth camp in Norway, hours after a bombing in the capital Oslo killed seven, police say. Police have charged a year-old Norwegian man over both attacks.

Norwegian bomb and shooting massacre report

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Breivik admits to the bombing and a subsequent shooting massacre at a Labor Party youth camp that left 69 people dead, most of them teenagers. Relatives of those killed sobbed and embraced during the autopsy presentations. Breivik describes hunting down panicked teens Breivik claims the attacks were "necessary" and that the victims had betrayed Norway by embracing immigration.

As he has for most of the trial, now in its seventh day, the far-right fanatic remained mostly expressionless during the hearing Tuesday.

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The anti-terror unit was dispatched to Utoya. The self-described militant nationalist testified last week that he had expected to be shot by police after the bombing. But no one stopped him as he walked to a getaway car parked near the bomb site, and drove to Utoya.

Langli said he first got a report of a suspect with a "non-Nordic" appearance leaving the scene of the bombing. He then got another report of a Nordic-looking suspect, which made him believe there were two suspects. When he heard about the Utoya shooting, he started thinking the bomb and the massacre were the actions of the same person.

Turning to Breivik, he added: A security guard who was in basement of the Norwegian government high-rise struck by the car bomb testified Tuesday that he and a colleague used security cameras to get a closer look at the white van that Breivik had parked in front of building.

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He described the scene in downtown Oslo as a "war zone. The kilogram 2,pound fertilizer and diesel bomb had ripped holes in the concrete platform underneath the vehicle, and also in the subterranean floor below.

The camp is organised there every summer [79] and was attended by approximately teenagers.
Anders Breivik massacre: Norway’s worst nightmare | World news | The Guardian Police arrested Anders Behring Breivik, 32, over the twin attacks that have left at least 92 people dead.
Anders Behring Breivik - Wikipedia The long-awaited report into the July 22 attacks also said the domestic intelligence service could have done more to track down the gunman, but stopped short of saying it could have stopped him.
Anders Breivik massacre: Norway’s worst nightmare | World news | The Guardian Share via Email Face of evil:

Breivik has said he was disappointed when he found out that the storey building had not collapsed. Christensen said the bomb would have had to be "much larger" to bring down the structure. The trial is scheduled to go on for nine more weeks.


This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.Jul 23,  · The suspect in the Norwegian attacks, Anders Behring Breivik, is shown in a photo from a Twitter account.

After the shooting the police seized a year-old Norwegian man on the island, according. Anders Breivik massacre: Norway’s worst nightmare The murder of 77 people by Anders Breivik in Norway is the subject of Åsne Seierstad’s chilling new book. Anders Breivik massacre: Norway’s worst nightmare He got changed beside the bomb.

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Norwegian bomb and shooting massacre report

Victims of the shooting spree he went on next, on Utøya island. Aug 13,  · Norwegian authorities could have prevented or interrupted the bomb and gun attacks by a far-right fanatic that killed 77 people last year, a government appointed commission said Monday.

Scale of massacre at summer camp on island becomes clear after police discover more victims of Norwegian gunman Published: 22 Jul Norway attack: at least 80 die in Utøya shooting, seven in.

I think we should do our best to support those affected by the Norway massacre. And I think that the killing of just ONE person is sufficient enough to send the murderer to prison for life.

Norwegian bomb and shooting massacre report

This guy should go to prison for 93 life times.

Anders Behring Breivik's psychiatric report full of 'evil fabrications' claims killer - Telegraph