Photonics master thesis abstract

It requires students to build depth in a photonics specialization selected from areas such as lasers and applications, photonics materials and devices, and fiber optics and optical communications. It requires students to take at least 4 credits of an ECE course at the level. It affords students the opportunity to flexibly choose graduate electives to explore technical or professional interests within engineering.

Photonics master thesis abstract

Some features of this site may not work without it. Integrated light detection and ranging with optical phased arrays in silicon photonic Author: Poulton, Christopher Vincent Other Contributors: Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

photonics master thesis abstract

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Date Issued: LIDAR systems are integral to almost all autonomous vehicles and robotics.

Most LIDAR systems today use discrete free-space optical components and utilize a mechanical apparatus for beam steering.

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Apart from the relative high cost of the system, this mechanical apparatus limits the scan rate of the LIDAR system while increasing both size and complexity. This leads to concerns about long-term reliability, especially in harsh environments.

In this thesis, the design and experimental results of an integrated chip-scale frequency-modulated continuous-wave LIDAR system are presented. This system has the capability of measuring both distance and velocity simultaneously with a 20mm resolution and a 2m range. Its functionality is then extended by utilizing optical phased arrays as a transmitter and receiver for solid-state beam steering.

In order to have a viable LIDAR system with optical phased arrays, high beam powers and large aperture sizes are needed. A silicon nitride distribution network is used to enable high on-chip power because of the low material nonlinearities.

An ultra-high main beam power of mW is reported. A phased array is demonstrated with an ultra-large aperture size of 4x4mm2, achieving a record-small and near diffraction limited spot size of 0. This is the largest optical phased array to date by an order of magnitude and shows the scalability of optical phased arrays.

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Finally, an optical phased array at a visible wavelength of nm is shown with an aperture size of 0. This demonstration moves large-scale integrated photonics into the visible spectrum and has potential applications in bathymetric LIDAR.

The certified thesis is available in the Institute Archives and Special Collections.In the absence of suitable methods for integrating traditional semiconductor optoelectronic materials in CMOS microelectronic fabrication processes, nanostructured silicon has been actively explored as an alternative light emitter for silicon photonics.

photonics master thesis abstract

This thesis presents new experimental results in silicon nanocrystal photophysics and optoelectronics, . International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA) is an open access online peer reviewed international journal that publishes research.

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Guidelines for Preparation of Master Thesis/Project Report. Overview of the steps. Select master project/thesis advisor. (The International Society for Optics and Photonics) ISA (International Society of Automation) Abstract (optional - University Microfilms, Inc. . Master's thesis in Photonics at IBM Research – Zurich Project description We are seeking a highly motived candidate for a master's thesis in the Quantum Technologies.

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