Small manufacturing business plan in india

Print In this comprehensive researched article, you will get information on new small scale manufacturing business ideas with low and medium investment. As we all know that the growth in manufacturing business in India is quite plausible and one can step into this venture with very little or medium investment. Initially, these businesses requires you to setup a small manufacturing unit which shall cost you between 5 lakhs — 15 lakhs of initial investment.

Small manufacturing business plan in india

Many abandon their dream to build, create, and innovate in the face of this difficult struggle without realising that a good business idea will eventually pool in the bounty-full once it has secured a place in the market.

Your idea will bring you your company, your company will bring you the people, and the people will bring you the market. And as we all know, a good idea has no monetary value, just a whole lot of bursting potential.

Facebook was created out of a Harvard dorm room at minimal cost and Microsoft was formed two years after Gates decided to drop out of college.

small manufacturing business plan in india

And sometimes, if you plan it well, these ideas can build you a company at the lowest initial-costs while getting you the highest possible returns. Tracing the business history of our country, it has been noted that the market is ripe for the ambitious entrepreneur to dominate it today.

Some individuals may have the business acumen to influence the market but have not yet managed to narrow down on a single idea to begin with. Travel agency Image credits: Shutterstock The travel industry in India has witnessed a boom in the past decade. The most cost-effective measure to open up a home-based travel agency is by tying up with a host-agency.

While the rates differ according to the host agencies, your main initial costs that will fall within Rs 10, Mobile recharge shop Image credits: Creative Commons Even with online recharge, in India most mobile-users prefer visiting a recharge shop to fill their balance.

So those looking to practise this business can start by renting a space in a small local shop. This rent will be the primary monthly expenditure. You also need to form ties with the network providers of the area, such as Airtel, Vodafone, Idea etc. Breakfast joint Image credits: This is because food as a commodity will always do well in a competitive market.

To open up your own breakfast joint, you need to invest money in renting a space for it, after having received a permit for it from the respective authorities. If your rent is within Rs a month, you can dedicate the rest of your budget on buying groceries and other raw materials as well as second-hand tables and chairs.

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Most tuition-teachers take classes in their own homes, thus eliminating any expenditure on rent and supplies. Fruit juice kiosk Image credits: To tap into this lucrative businessyou have to start by requesting for a permit to open a kiosk in a chosen locality, preferably one that is hard to miss.

Following this, you will need to pay rent for shop-space. Other than this, the only other investment you need to put your money up for is for the purchase of the raw materials, supplies like machines for making the juice, and the salaries of the employee s making the juice.

Garment tailor Image credits:Bakery Business | Profitable Small Scale Manufacturing. Bakery business in India is the largest industry in food processing sector. Additionally, bakery products have become very popular throughout the country.

Before installing the machinery, having a layout plan and implementation schedule is essential. Bakery Business Quality Control. Small Business Ideas in India - List of top 10 small scale business ideas starting from rupees 1, and extending to Rs 4,00, These are the most successful small business ideas for Women and Men in India.5/5().

The list contains 22 Best Manufacturing Business Ideas that can yield high profits but can be started with low investment. The list also includes new manufacturing business ideas with medium investment in .

Top Small Business Ideas Low Invest Big Profit in India Smart Business Projects on Small Scale Industries. Top Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas with Low Investment.

Very Low Budget Best Business Ideas. Keeping in mind this heavy reliance upon disposable plates, cups and plastic crockery, you too can open a small scale manufacturing business producing these products. The market is huge and all parties get a slice of the pie.

Concrete blocks manufacturing business. Rest assured, India is witnessing a construction boom.

small manufacturing business plan in india

The list contains 22 Best Manufacturing Business Ideas that can yield high profits but can be started with low investment. The list also includes new manufacturing business ideas with medium investment in .

33 Small Scale Manufacturing Business ideas That Cost Little to Start