The effect of the nuremberg laws

Why was there such little opposition to the Nuremberg Laws? In a dictatorship such as Nazi Germany, all news outlets were carefully controlled and censored by the Reich Press Chamber a sort of censorial think-tank. Nothing that was op…positional to the Movement was permitted.

The effect of the nuremberg laws

These laws, on which the rest of Nazi racial policy hung, were written hastily. In SeptemberAdolf Hitler decided that the time was ripe for more restrictions on Germany's Jews, especially since many Party militants had expressed their disappointment with the Arierparagraph.

He therefore outlined new laws for the protection of German blood and honor which would "regulate the problems of marriage between 'Aryans' and 'non-Aryans. Wilhelm Stuckart, to formulate the legal language of the laws. Hitler wanted to present these new laws at the Nuremberg Party rally on September 15, leaving only two days to write them.

Much preliminary work had been done for the drafting of such laws prior to September 13, but the men still had to agree on their severity and language. They wrote notes at mealtimes on menu cards as they threw together The effect of the nuremberg laws laws that would decide the fate of millions.

Hitler had asked these men to translate racial ideology into law. Kurt Mayer, heard about these new laws for the first time when they were officially announced. He openly expressed his anger, humiliation and surprise at not having been consulted during the drafting process.

Hitler made no pretense of basing these laws on any "scientific truths" discovered by his "racial scientists. Hitler had said that if the Nazis had not had Jews, they would have had to invent them.

Since Hitler believed he was the sole authority on racial policy, he had the final say about what the law stated. The laws issued on September 15,approved by Hitler personally, deprived Jews of German citizenship, prohibited Jewish households from having German maids under the age of 45, prohibited any non-Jewish German from marrying a Jew and outlawed sexual relations between Jews and Germans.

Hitler claimed during a Reichstag session that the Nuremberg Laws would actually help the Jews by creating "a level ground on which the German people may find a tolerable relation with the Jewish people.

This was quickly gleaned from his speech when he next said that if this "tolerable situation" was not found, and if the Jewish agitation both within Germany and abroad continued, then the position must be reexamined.

In other words, Hitler would then implement further laws and policies to persecute the Jews. The Nuremberg Lawsaccording to Hitler, were just a precursor to other more degrading decrees.

To create his homogeneous and harmonious Aryan society, Hitler had first to discard the Jews, a "people" incompatible with "true Germans. Interestingly, the law prohibiting marriages between Jews and Germans failed to specify who actually was counted as a Jew.

Years of German-Jewish assimilation made this a difficult question to answer and debate raged for several months. Hitler wavered between declaring half-Jews the same as Jews or keeping them separate as half-Jews amd ,any issues about Mischlinge partial Jews and intermarriage were discussed.

Gerhard Wagner, the Reich's doctor and a fanatical anti-Semitehad many talks with Hitler during the drafting of the racial laws - he wanted to equate all half- quarter- and one-eighth-Jews with full Jews. Such extremists argued that partial Jews were more dangerous than full Jews because their mix of German and Jewish blood would enable them to lead the state's enemies with the skill of Aryans.

The racial theorist Dr. He maintained that anyone who mathematically defined "50 percent, 25 percent, Gercke warned that Mischlinge could also "mendel out pure Jews. Hitler's wavering was typical of his style of rule. He often avoided giving a final decision that involved choosing different options proposed by two or more of his trusted underlings.

And being the good politician that he was, Hitler probably did not declare half-Jews as Jews because he did not want to alienate the Aryan families of Mischlinge too much. The Nazis not only persecuted people of Jewish descent, but Aryan Germans with Jewish spouses as well.

Any children born to such parents did not deserve any better treatment than Jews, since their German half was not really worth protecting. Throughout this process of defining Jewishness, Loesener realized the problems inherent in labeling as un-German people who felt German, thereby marking them for persecution.

Loesener argued that since most felt German and rejected Judaism, their suicide rate would climb dramatically if the government labeled them as Jews. Loesener also cautioned that if they treated half-Jews as Jews, the armed forces would probably lose 45, soldiers.

He felt that the "laws transformed dissimulation into an established fact [and] would minimize racial hatred," and he "stressed that legal segregation meant legal protection.Effects of the Nuremberg Laws Freedom of Marriage - "The Reich Citizenship Law" - "The law for the Protection of German Blood and Honor" Crimes against humanity and how they affected the Jews-Over one million Jewish children were killed in the Holocaust.

The effect of the nuremberg laws

Analysis of “The Nuremberg Laws: The Centerpiece of Nazi Racial Legislation ” Adolf Hitler’s excerpt from “The Nuremberg Law” in our textbook underscores the captivity, humiliation and oppression of the Jewish People by Hitler during his rule in Germany.

The Nuremberg Laws of officially excluded Jews from German citizenship and limited their rights as members of society. Also included in the Nuremberg Laws were specific definitions of who was legally considered a Jew. To read contemporary news accounts of the Holocaust and other Jewish events from on, search the JTA Archive.

History Chapter 24 section 4. STUDY. PLAY. What was Hitler's chief goal he wrote about in Mein Kampf? the removal of non-Aryans. Nazi Germany's systematic murder of European Jews. Holocaust. What were European people called?

Nuremberg Laws. a police unit created to silence opposition to the Nazis. SA. Six months after Patton took the Nuremberg Laws to California, the trial began.

Justice Jackson, in his opening statement to the court on November 21, as noted earlier, referenced the Nuremberg Laws, citing the version published in the Reichsgestzblatt of The Nuremberg Laws () revoked the German citizenship of Jews and prohibited marriage (or even sexual relations) between Jews and other Germans.

They also prohibited displays by Jews of the.

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