The haunted vase

Francisville, Louisiana, "a slave named Chloe baked an oleander-laced cake and poisoned three members of the prominent Woodruff family:

The haunted vase

The Hope Diamond Believed to have come to the surface 1. Rumored victims of the diamond have suffered disgrace, divorce, suicide, imprisonment, torture, financial ruin, lynching, or decapitation. One was even said to have been ripped apart by The haunted vase, and another by a French mob.

For his crimes, he was executed by hanging at a crossroads near a humble inn. A chair that looked on to the site of his execution is believed to carry a curse—whoever sits upon it will supposedly die from a frightful accident.

Still, the chair lingered in the inn untilwhen the owner gifted it to the Thirsk Museumwhere it now resides high on a wall, where no one need fear an accidental sitting. The superstition goes that the pictures of this mournful child cause fires. The Hands Resist Him Painting Another tale of cursed art surrounds this painting of a young boy and a female doll standing before a window.

Soon after taking it home, their young daughter claimed the figures in the painting moved at night, and even stepped out of their frame to cause chaos in the home. They posted photos as proof.

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The find has been a great one for China, bringing academics and busloads of tourists. But those who found it gained only misery. The Chinese government claimed their lands and destroyed their homes to properly unearth this army, financially ruining not just these men, but most of their village.

Painful deaths followed for three of the seven, because as one of the survivors points out, they could not afford health care. All who enter—be they bandit or archaeologist—are said to be struck with bad luck, illness, or death because of the curse of the pharaohs.

Twenty more deaths of people would get blamed on the curse by Still, skeptics suggest coincidence or a deadly fungus from the tomb are to blame. A glacier surrounded him after he died of exposure, and preserved his body.


But once unearthed, rumors of a curse surfaced too, and grew stronger as people linked to him began to die, often in violent accidents. After that, the vehicle was purchased by hot rod designer George Barriswho planned to sell it for parts. As parts of the car sold, the curse is said to have spread.

A doctor who bought the engine was killed in a car accident; another victim who bought the transmission was severely injured in a crash.

The haunted vase

The tires sold from Little Bastard blew out simultaneously, sending their buyer to the hospital. While the shell of the car was being transported, the truck carrying it crashed, and the driver was killed. From there, the shell was stolen and the curse of Little Bastard went quiet as its location became unknown.

That includes the CEO of a Bulgarian mobile phone company who died of cancer at 48, as well as two crooks—one a mafia boss and the other a cocaine-dealing estate agent, both of whom were " gunned down.

Since then, the telephone number has been suspended, and the company that owns it refuses to comment as to why.

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The Basano Vase Legend has it that this silver vase made in the 15th century was given to a bride on the eve of her wedding near Napoli, Italy. From there, it was passed down her family line, but anyone who took possession of it is said to have perished soon thereafter.Shop Haunted House Props Now!

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5 Legendary True-life Curses and the People they've Killed

Et Les Raisins Fox in Stock. Buy Et Les Raisins Fox on eBay now! Rene Lalique Opalescent Glass 'raisins' Vase Rene The Italian Besano vase was unearthed in and sold to a pharmacist for $2, Within three months, the pharmacist died, and the vase was sold to a surgeon, who himself died two months later.

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An ornate vase stained in purple held crystal blue flowers, seemingly made of a cut gemstones. Setting down your book in a trance, you step towards the geometric flowers.

Rather than the curve of a regular flower, the petals of the blue flower was creased and bent in prismatic shapes. The tune haunted me all day.

The haunted vase

Noun. The restaurant became one of her favorite haunts. one of their favorite after-school haunts is Joe's Pizza How Do You Pronounce 'Vase'?

And is one way more correct than the others? Ghost Word. The story of an imaginary word that managed to sneak past our editors and enter the Mar 20,  · The owner of the haunted vase took the ticket but refused to take the vase back wishing to be arrested instead.

The police tried to give the vase to several museums, but they all refused to take it because of the curse.

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