The stages of consumer buying decision process essay

Questions you absolutely must consider include: Buy Considerations when outsourcing to reduce cost The decision to outsource a part or assembly is often based on lack of internal resources, refocus of core competencies, or cost reduction. The focus of this article is on outsourcing with the objective of lower cost.

The stages of consumer buying decision process essay

The Consumer or Buyer Decision Making Process is the method used by marketers to identify and track the decision making process of a customer journey from start to finish. It is broken down into 5 individual stages which we have decided to demonstrate with our latest decision making journey surrounding some rather sorry looking trainers.

The customer feels like something is missing and needs to address it to get back to feeling normal. If you can determine when your target demographic develops these needs or wants, it would be an ideal time to advertise to them.

In our case we noticed our running trainers were looking a little worse for wear and we acknowledged the need for a new pair. This is the search stage of the process. One that is continually changing from old fashioned shopping around to the new shop front which is Google other search engines are available - apparently.

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Information is not only gathered about stuff and on things but from people via recommendations and through previous experiences we may have had with various products. In this stage a customer is beginning to think about risk management. This is the time when questions start being asked. Is this really the right product for me do?

Do I need a different product? The stage 3 to 2 transition may happen several times before stage 4 has been reached. Once the customer has determined what will satisfy their want or need they will begin to seek out the best deal.

This may be based on price, quality, or other factors that are important to them. Customers read many reviews and compare prices, ultimately choosing the one that satisfies most of their parameters. In line with our example we started questioning if we actually needed running shoes: Were our original trainers that bad?

So the process was able to continue. The positioning of the product also lent itself to where they were purchased, a sport shop rather than a shoe shop. The review stage is a key stage for the company and for the customer likewise.

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Did the product match or exceed expectations? If a customer finds that the product has matched or exceeded the promises made and their own expectations they will potentially become a brand ambassador influencing other potential customers in their stage 2 of their next customer journey, boosting the chances of your product being purchased again.

The stages of consumer buying decision process essay

To finish our customer journey — we very much like the trainers we have chosen — we would recommend them to a friend, and on purchasing our next set of trainers would probably make a similar brand or product choice. Our satisfaction has made us a brand ambassador for the company who created our wonderful trainers unless they want to send us a free pair after this article….Type or paste a DOI name into the text box.

Click Go. Your browser will take you to a Web page (URL) associated with that DOI name. Send questions or comments to doi. Stages of the Consumer Buying Process.

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As there are phases when it comes to a product development, same goes to the consumer buying processes consist of six stages. The end result will be the purchase of the product or services but not all the consumers will be end up buying or purchasing the product but for a general assumption this is the.

Turnitin provides instructors with the tools to prevent plagiarism, engage students in the writing process, and provide personalized feedback. Published: Mon, 5 Dec The purpose of this Chapter is to discuss and justify the methodology used to effectively investigate the phenomenon informing the research title which is; The Impact of a company managed online community on purchase decision and brand loyalty.

Consumer Decision Making Process means the process of Identifying and verifying the decision making of the consumer by the business leaders or the marketers.

The Marketers have simplified the process of decision making in five stages. Stages in Consumer Decision Making Process An individual who purchases products and services from the market for his/her own personal consumption is called as consumer.

To understand the complete process of consumer decision making, let us first go through the following example.

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