Us military should conduct wars not the politicians

The huge majority of member nations in the UN are third world countries, they don't exactly have what you would call a military that is capable of keeping the peace in places like the Middle East let alone there own countries. The US should withdraw from the UN and work on repairing itself. The economy is in a slump and we have people like Bradley Manning leaking classified documents to the media, compromising national security.

Us military should conduct wars not the politicians

Those performing security functions are paramilitaries, hired guns, unprincipled, in it for the money, and might easily switch sides if offered more. Though technically accountable under international and domestic laws where they're assigned, they, in fact, are unregulated, unchecked, free from criminal or civil accountability, and are licensed to kill and get away with it.

Political and institutional expediency affords them immunity and impunity to pretty much do as they please and be handsomely paid for it. Their conduct codes are mere voluntary guidelines that at worst subject violators to expulsion. Wherever deployed, they operate as they wish, take full advantage, and stay unaccountable for their worst crimes, the types that would subject ordinary people to the severest punishments.

In his book "Blackwater: It has remarkable power and protection within the US war apparatus" to practice violence with impunity, including cold-blooded murder of non-combatant civilians. Employing Mercenaries - A Longstanding Practice Called various names, including mercenaries, soldiers of fortune, dogs of war, and Condottieri for wealthy city states in Renaissance Italy, employing them goes back centuries.

Ancient Greeks and Romans also used them. So didn't Alexander the Great, feudal lords in the Middle Ages, popes sinceNapoleon, and George Washington against the British in America's war of independence even though by the early 18th century western states enacted laws prohibiting their citizens from bearing arms for other nations.

Although the practice continued sporadically, until more recently, private armies fell out of favor.

Us military should conduct wars not the politicians

Defining a Mercenary Article 47 in the Protocol I to the Geneva Conventions provides the most widely, though not universally, accepted definition, based on six criteria, all of which must be met. Inhe then founded the 20th century's first private military company, WatchGuard International.

Others followed, especially during the s Reagan-Thatcher era when privatizing government services began in earnest. The Rise of the Privatized Military Industry: They perform everything from tactical combat to consulting to mundane logistics The result is that the industry now offers every function that was once limited to state militaries.

They've also been used in numerous civil wars globally in nations like Angola, Sierra Leone, the Balkans throughout the s, Papua New Guinea, and elsewhere.

From -they participated in 80 conflicts, compared to 15 from - Singer cites three reasons why, combined into "one dynamic: But given America's permanent war agenda, the Pentagon needed help, especially because of the proliferation of small arms, over million globally or about one for every 12 human beings, and their increased use in local conflicts.

Changes in the conduct of war Earlier distinctions between soldiers and civilians are breaking down, the result of low-intensity conflicts against drug cartels, warlords and persons or groups aggressor nations call "terrorists," the same ones they call "freedom fighters" when on their side for imperial purposes.

High-intensity warfare also changed, so sailors aboard guided missile ships, for example, serve along side weapons and technology company personal, needed for their specialized expertise. In addition, the combination of powerful weapons and sophisticated information technology let the Pentagon topple Saddam with one-fourth the number of forces for the Gulf War.

This strategy can be just as effective in other conventional warfare theaters, depending on how formidable the adversary, but it doesn't work in guerrilla wars - the dilemma America faces in Afghanistan, earlier in Iraq and still now as violence there is increasing.

The "privatization revolution" Singer calls it a "change in mentality, a change in political thinking, a new ideology that" whatever governments can do, business can do better so let it.

The transformation is pervasive in public services, including more spent on private police than actual ones in America.

And the phenomenon is global. In China, for example, the private security industry is one of its fastest growing. By privatizing the military, America pierced the last frontier to let private mercenaries serve in place of conventional forces. Singer defines three types of companies: Military consulting companies They train and advise, much the way management consulting firms operate for business.

They also provide personal security and bodyguard services.

Pre-war considerations

Military support firms They perform non-lethal services. They're "supply-chain management firms By far, the Pentagon is their biggest client, and in the decade leading up to the Iraq War, it contracted with over 3, PMCs, and now many more spending increasingly larger amounts.

The company profits handsomely because of America's commitment to privatized militarization. More about it below.

Us military should conduct wars not the politicians

SinceIraq alone represents the "single largest commitment of US military forces in a generation and by far the largest marketplace for the private military industry ever.Very few Americans question the idea that the military should be subservient to the nation's political leaders.

But in many other parts of the world, generals and armies meddle in politics all the. While active military members can and should register to vote and cast votes, and may express a personal opinion on political candidates and issues, they can't express opinions on behalf of or as a representative of the U.S.

military. from citizen militia to professional military: transformation of the roman army, by cpt robert verlič, page The late Roman Republic faced what looked unsolvable social problems and all attempts made by the politicians from all parties failed or. The US should definitely remain a part of the United Nations because this is a world wide organization, and since we are one of the key countries in the world it is important that we be represented.

The Code of the U.S. Fighting Force is a code of conduct that is an ethics guide and a United States Department of Defense directive consisting of six articles to members of the United States Armed Forces, addressing how they should act in combat when they must evade capture, resist while a prisoner or escape from the enemy.

It is considered an important part of U.S. military doctrine and. Politicians tend to maintain, in public at least, that there is no tension between strong economic ties with China and a close diplomatic and military alliance with America.

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