Wan design final project

As business needs evolve, so do the demands for QoS. The need to protect critical applications via QoS mechanisms in business networks has escalated over the past few years, primarily due to the increased frequency and sophistication of denial-of-service DoS and worm attacks. This book goes beyond discussing available QoS technologies and considers detailed design examples that illustrate where, when, and how to deploy various QoS features to provide validated and tested solutions for voice, video, and critical data over the LAN, WAN, and VPN. The book starts with a brief background of network infrastructure evolution and the subsequent need for QoS.

Wan design final project

Villages[ edit ] Aerial view of Ha Keng Hau.

Wan design final project

The towers in the background are part of Hin Keng Estate. Shrine in Tin Sam Village.


A number of villages still exist in Tai Wai and most of them are surrounded by the towers of housing estates. Tai Wai Village, aka. It is located next to Tai Wai Station and the main commercial streets of the area. It was rectangular in shape with 4 watch towers at its four corners.

The towers and the walls have long been demolished leaving only the entrance gate and part of the front wall. The houses inside the walls are in rows, and many houses have been built outside the walls due to later development. Most of these houses are now rented by outsiders for the relatively tranquil countryside surroundings.

The land occupied by the village was once cultivated for pineapples. Hin Keng Estatelocated northeast of the villages and across Hin Keng Street, was named after them. The Wai Ancestral Hall was rebuilt in Some 80 people lived in 26 houses in the former Shek Lei Pui Village.

The villagers were historically farmers engaged in rice and vegetable growing supported by pig and poultry rearing.

Wan design final project

The village had a population of in and in About 80 households of the Tsangs are still residing in the village. While most of the village houses have been demolished and replaced by modern small houses, the houses Nos.

It was established by the Lei clan in the late 17th century. They were farmers engaged in cultivation. The founding ancestor of the Lau clan of Sha Tin Tau village moved from Longchuan in the midth century. The clan has lived there for nine generations by the early 21st century.

A moat was built for its protection, and was later filled up and used as a fish pond.Object-Oriented Programming with ActionScript [Branden Hall, Samuel Wan] on timberdesignmag.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Object-Oriented Programming with ActionScript takes you beyond the level of neat code tricks and teaches you how to architect and implement true Macromedia Flash MX applications.

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ACCT Financial Accounting for IT More Information: This course will introduce students to the core concepts of financial accounting and the relevance of financial . Best-practice QoS designs for protecting voice, video, and critical data while mitigating network denial-of-service attacks Understand the service-level requirements of voice, video, and data applications Examine strategic QoS best practices, including Scavenger-class QoS tactics for DoS/worm mitigation Learn about QoS tools and the various interdependencies and caveats of these tools that can.

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End-to-End QoS Network Design: Quality of Service in LANs, WANs, and VPNs